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Is it lunchtime? What do I do when it’s time to grab a sandwich?


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I’m in the office on average three days a week with the other two on the road somewhere. On office days by about 12:30 I’m feeling peckish and time slows until around 1pm when some of my colleagues return from their lunch leaving me free to pop out. Naturally as one of the bosses I can do what I like but I also like a bit of routine in my life so try to stick to 1ish.

We’ve only been in our new office a year so I’m still finding new places as I wander around trying to get to know the streets of a part of London I am not at all familiar with despite working In Town for 20 odd years.

I absolutely don’t eat lunch at my desk and when it’s cold out you need to ‘eat in’. Fortunately most cafés and sandwich shops have a seating area where I have something probably toasted with cheese and scroll through twitter or a Lotus cars forum which is always a good laugh. Unless it’s raining I try to go for a walk as well because it helps to clear my mind and I’ve had many a Eureka moment when not thinking about work at all but strolling along the Thames embankment or even just climbing the stairs back to the office. I don’t go in the lift as a matter of principle because it’s just as quick to walk and over the course of the year that’s a lot of steps which has to be a good thing given the aforementioned melted cheese sandwiches.

It’s a different story when the sun is out and it’s not freezing cold. There is plenty of space around here to sit and munch on a wrap or sandwich from one of the many places nearby. The garden outside St Paul’s is a favourite because the wall is the perfect height to perch on when all the benches are full, even if doing so probably isn’t so good for my suit. There’s also a little square hidden away near where Bow Lane meets Cheapside which has a few benches and shade under some trees and yet is rarely occupied at all. One other option is a stroll down to the wobbly bridge and over to the Tate gallery with views up and down the Thames; wonderful on a nice day if rather crowded with slow moving and erratic tourists.

Talking of tourists I do miss them as they were such a part of life in the West End before our move over towards St Paul’s. Ok they can be annoying as they drag their suitcases slowly whilst you’re dashing for a train but they made the place interesting; the type of tourist changed with the seasons for example. In the City pretty everyone is dressed smartly and seems to work here. Talking of people looking smart most blokes these days wear a suit without a tie but the waistcoat is making a comeback it seems as I’ve seen quite a few on younger guys who you wouldn’t expect to be wearing one.

It’s all good fun and the main thing for me about lunch, other than the food, is a break from my computer and a little exercise. And it ends by seeing how many emails have arrived in my absence!