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Customer service levels

Customer service levels


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Rant incoming…

I don’t know about you, but I’ve reached the point where I think big company service levels have tanked to a quite frankly embarrassing level. 

Sadly, a client died recently. We’re processing the paperwork on behalf of their family. The insurer in question (who shall not be named) has a reputation for very good administration; especially with death claims which, historically, have always been treated as a priority. However, we’ve been left exasperated by their snail-like response speeds and wishy-washy, sitting-on-the-fence answers. 

The spring budget back in March has potentially changed the taxation of this particular case. Whilst we’re confident we know how to apply the new rules, it’s ultimately for the insurance company to decide, as they deduct any tax at source. Trying to squeeze out any sort of definitive answer is like drawing the proverbial blood from a stone. 

To make matters even more frustrating, we no longer have an assigned business development manager within this insurance company so we can’t even ring anyone and talk directly with someone who can expedite matters. 

Customer service is really important to us and we try to respond promptly and do whatever it is we’ve said we’ll do for our clients in a timely fashion. Which makes it even more frustrating to be reliant on increasingly poor customer service from bigger companies whose processes end up making us look bad.

I do, however, feel better having ranted, so thanks for listening…