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Dave’s coronavirus blog post 11


I have really felt the pressure of being under lockdown over the last few days.

The weekend was lovely, helped by the continued blue sky and sunshine.  I was hoping this week would allow me to make some good progress on that long list of things to do, but it just hasn’t happened despite trying really hard.

I hadn’t planned to spend more or less two whole days working ‘on’ the business by which I mean compliance plus the medium to longer term strategy.  We have been planning to launch new service propositions but the closer we get to being able to do so, the more the little details start to frustrate.  It’s massively time consuming to make changes to your business, and whilst some might question why make them now,  I would say that once you realise you NEED to make changes, you cannot continually delay them.  They will make us even better, and we just have to find the resource and motivation to Get It Done.

I’m under no illusion how lucky we are to be able to run our business under lockdown because so many people are in a far worse situation, and hopefully this is just a lowish point in the inevitable ebbs and flows of emotions caused by the pandemic.  I’m going to spend a bit more time outside and away from my screen today, so here’s hoping I can shake off the blues and refresh myself!