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After my somewhat downbeat last post, I’m pleased to say I feel more positive this week.

Despite what I said earlier in the my posts, we are entitled to the small business grant (link) notwithstanding sub-letting a room via Regus.  It took some effort to get hold of the council and after making no progress, I got my MP involved who helped expedite matters.

Having done that, my plan is to contact as many of my fellow Regus Dartford tenants and make sure they know they can claim the grant, and not to wait to hear from the council because they could be waiting a long time!

I spent a huge amount of time last week working ‘on’ Gibson Lamb, getting ready for the next challenges and putting a plan of action together so that we contact all our clients again over the next few weeks.  I think that is why I felt a bit downhearted, because the shear volume of work that needs to be done means there will be some gruelling times ahead. 

Speaking to friends and work associates made me realise that we’re all working at a level below our ‘most effective’.  That point has helped me too, because I was getting frustrated that I wasn’t ‘getting stuff done’ at the rate I would expect of me normally. I’m not the only one, and need to keep things in perspective too because they could be far worse.

My team remain amazing, with both Emma and Vicky dealing with any challenges they come up against, such as platforms that can’t tell us the Capital Gains position of a portfolio.  It doesn’t sound all that important, but it is.  It really is….

It’s also good to see investments have bounced back noticeable from the low point in March, although quite how this can be happening is beyond rational explanation given the entire world is currently binge watching Netflix shows rather than buying and selling goods in the normal way. 

Curious times.  We live in curious times…

Take care everyone.