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Dave’s coronavirus blog post 2

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Boris has announced the inevitable shutdown, so I’ve collected a few bits from the office to make my home set up slightly better but I’m lucky to have a pretty good configuration already. I will miss my standing desk though, so need to work on a way to replicate it in a home environment.

I am anxious about my team being confined to their homes. We’re going to have regular video coffee breaks during the day to try and help, and maybe like Italy our neighbours will all start singing to each other out their windows? One of my neighbours has offered to cook a curry for the houses in our little avenue which is I reckon will be amazing!

Yesterday was very hard for me. I had my first really difficult client call full of criticism about what we’ve done (or not done in this case). I shared my anger with my team and my business buddy Richard which helped and whilst I felt very sorry for myself as I rode my bicycle home – I was soon playing football in the garden with my son which pulled the dark cloud off the top of my head. I slept pretty well (which is not always the case), which must mean my subconsciousness isn’t overly bothered with the criticism. Frankly there are more important things to worry about right now.

Mental health is going to be very important in the weeks to come, so I’ve started today with a very early bike ride (my one allowed exercise trip Boris, before you ask!) and just a moment ago a 30 minute workout with some YouTube star that I’ve never heard of. My wife, son and I had a right laugh any if something good comes out of this mess maybe it will be improved abs?

My list of things to do is growing longer and longer, but it’s not for want of trying. I’m off to do some of those now!