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Dave’s coronavirus blog post 3

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I’ve just been out to post a tax year end letter and go for a jog in the sunshine, with the former being urgent work as far as I’m concerned and the latter my ‘out the house exercise’. Did I make a strategic error there, combining the two?

With my son at home (and my amazing wife doing a wonderful job as teacher and dinner lady on top of everything else she already does), my day was broken up with fairly frequent trips into the garden to kick a ball around, or get some bits out the shed to set up an obstacle course which we filmed our son completing and uploaded to his teacher. He seems to be enjoying the new set up so far although I can sense his frustration that I’m stuck behind my screen much more than  normal.

Work wise yesterday was tough. A couple of very long client phone calls meant the morning passed without me ticking off anything from my list of things that I really should have done by now. The afternoon was equally busy but by the time I logged off well into the evening, I’d put out the fires that were burning brightest! Or at least thrown some water on them and hoped that was enough for now. It’s hard work and pivoting from one thing to another means it’s difficult to keep track of what’s going on. My team and I are doing our best though.

We’ve got a load of urgent and important client communications to get out today. We’ve just had a video chat about how best to approach the logistics and once again I’m reminded how important our secure document portal is as it allows us to write to clients without posting anything. Not only is it quick, it saves having to go to the post box which will keep Boris happy.

The very difficult call I’d had during the day resulted in a much more amenable email conversation yesterday which was nice.

Here we go again. I wonder what today will bring…