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Dave’s coronavirus blog post 4

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My legs ache, which means the new exercise regime associated with ‘stay at home living’ is reaching areas not usually reached!

Yesterday was the busiest day since this crisis started, with every email answered seemingly generating two new emails. The phone was ringing a lot too, and occasionally I struggled with ‘bandwidth’ on the office phone via my PC, but I reverted to using my traditional home phone instead. 

We recommended some changes to certain portfolios yesterday, and it’s no small task to roll those out to everyone and seek permission to proceed. My team worked extremely hard and we made excellent progress.

Its easy to forget that it’s Tax Year end too, and there is a need to do ‘normal things’ too, like check client’s CGT (Capital Gains Tax) and ensure they have made their pension contributions. Clients are understandably anxious about investing money into pension now, but the tax relief won’t be available if they don’t get it done before 5th April, which means pretty much NOW because we have to factor in that insurers are also working under the same lockdown rules and their turn around times will be impacted too.

My list of things to do is so long I now have a list on which it says “check other list”…..

Its approaching 9am, so it must be time to exercise with the family with that bloke off the internet. Stay safe everyone….