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Gibson Lamb awarded with a Cyber Essentials Certification – but what does it mean?


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Gibson Lamb Owner and Advisor Dave Lamb answers a few questions about the Cyber Essentials Certification award and why we went for it!

How did you hear about this accreditation/certification?

Our external compliance firm, CATS who mentioned it in April this year.

What made you decide to go for it?

I had my ID stolen last year and that with GDPR bringing data security into focus the idea of having accreditation to show we have invested both time and money in our IT systems and their security seemed important.

Who else do you know that also has it (if anyone)

CATS and also our Paraplanners – I’m quite proud that Richard Allum is even more of a gadget loving chap than me & he hadn’t heard of CE until I told him!

What did you have to do to get this?

Our IT people Advantage – installed some software which regularly reports the status of our servers and workstations including laptops back to them. We had to ensure that windows updates are up to date and set to automatic (which they then monitor), that AUTOPLAY was disabled, that we had AV and anti-malware etc installed and that the AV is up to date. We had to upgrade our firewall (which we were doing anyway as the old one was at the end of it’s life).

What was easy and what was hard?

It was all fairly easy although things like new firewalls are time consuming, expensive and incur system downtime. Doing it without an advantage of this award may have been much harder mind.

When did the process start and when did you receive the award?

We started in late April and got it this week, or was it last week?! However, most of that time was ‘idle’ as we completed some higher priority tasks both IT and general office stuff like GDPR. I’d say in reality a couple of weeks. It helped that our PCs are new and we already had a good handle on updates and the like.