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Retirement Planning Service (RPS)

If you work for a company that uses our services, we’re here to help you understand the benefits on offer, including your pension plan.

Experience tells us that many employees would like help and guidance when it comes to understanding the staff benefits package provided by their employer. Many businesses offer benefits but don’t include access to professional financial advice at the same time and this is something we are trying to change.

If your employer retains our services then you are entitled to our guidance and advice. The conversation starts by looking at the benefits package from your company but we find it frequently evolves into a discussion about your wider personal finances and long-term plans.

We are happy to provide assistance and many employees we work with in this way end up joining one of our personal services to get the most out of a proactive relationship with us. Should you ever leave your current employer we can continue our connection with you in this way and we can also extend our advice to cover the arrangements of other family members where appropriate.

For anyone with pension pots from previous jobs, we can also advise as to whether you should consolidate that money into the plan provided by your current employer. (Additional fees apply.)

Other Services

Saving & Review

Saving & Review Service (SRS)

Proactively helping you determine and take the first steps on the road to a sound financial future.

Retirement Planning Service

Retirement Planning Service (RPS)

From pensions to ISAs, everything you need to plan, implement and enjoy your retirement.


Corporate Services

For SMEs looking to enhance the staff benefits package they offer their employees.