Green Statement


We are all becoming aware of climate change and we want to ensure our business is as responsible as practical.

We have no control over the energy tariff selected by our landlord, and therefore unlike our previous office, we cannot select energy generated from a sustainable source such as

We log our energy usage where practical and make an assumption where it is impractical to monitor exactly, such as the air conditioning and lighting in our office.  These are controlled and paid for by our Landlord, restricting access to the electricity meter to determine the number of units consumed.  We still use the electricity though, so we are not disregarding it.

We know how far we drive each year visiting clients, and the emission details of Dave’s car.

This data allows us to estimate our carbon footprint.  We then invest with reputable firms who plant trees or install solar panels here in the UK and further afield to offset that carbon footprint.

In addition to this, our corporate brochures, copy and headed paper all use recycled (not just recyclable!) paper too.  We take care to put our recyclable rubbish in the recycling bins too, which is not as easy as it sounds in a shared environment like our new office.

It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s a start.  If you would like to know more or think we can improve it, please let us know.