Meet The Team


A key part of running any business is the team members.  Collectively we’ve worked at Gibson Lamb for over 55 years which is quite remarkable.  Thankfully we enjoy each other’s company!

We are your team.  We work with your investments day-in and day-out and all you need to know is that we’re here, applying our knowledge and experience to the work we carry out on your behalf.

For the curious, here’s a little about us and what we do.

Owner & AdvisorDave Lamb

I joined Gibson Lamb in the early 90s. I owe my first lessons in the business to the founding partners, my Dad Barrie, and long-term mentor and friend Andrew Gibson.

By 2006, I’d sat my qualifications, including the Diploma in Financial planning, and had a few years’ experience under my belt. At that point, I bought the business with my partner, Clive. After many successful years working together, Clive retired in 2017 and I took on full ownership of Gibson Lamb. So now, I run the business and lead the team as well as continuing to work alongside our clients.

I believe it’s my responsibility to set the tone for the how we treat clients. I enjoy getting to know all our clients and I think it’s important to really understand them, their lives and their hopes so I can shape their financial plans in response. This philosophy guides the decisions I make and the relationships I build with our partners and suppliers to deliver the Gibson Lamb service to clients.

When I’m not at work, there are a couple of ways I like to relax. Obviously, enjoying time with my family is first and foremost. Then there’s my second great love; driving my Lotus around tracks near and far, usually in a non-competitive environment. However, if you’ve got a spare hour or two, go ahead and ask me about my racing success.

Client Services ManagerEmma McMahon

I wear two hats, Client Services Manager and Business Manager. Not only do I get to look after our clients, I also make sure that the office runs smoothly.

What I love about my role: Having worked for Gibson Lamb for the last 20 years (wow time flies), I’ve really enjoyed getting to know our clients, their needs and what matters to them.

My interests: Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I like to travel as much as possible, I’m always planning my next holiday. I’m very close to my family, I’m “the fun aunt” and love spending time with my niece and nephews.

Client Services ManagerVicky Baldwin

As well being a Clients Services Manager, ensuring that our clients are well looked after, I also help out with any technology issues.

What I love about my role: I have always had the opinion that if a job is worth doing it is worth doing well and I am very lucky to work with people who share the same ethos.

My Interests: One of my missions is to finish an Evening Standard cryptic crossword – I know it’s not one of the hardest out there but some days I find it a real challenge and as Poirot would say it keeps the ‘little grey cells’ active.

Another one of my pastimes is playing darts! I started playing in the late eighties for the insurance company I worked for at the time and am pleased to say I am still playing. Although I am not sure much improvement has been made over the years, it’s a nice way to keep in touch with old work colleagues!

Our Operations LeadMichelle Hoskin

Michelle Hoskin of Standards International works with us to make sure everything runs smoothly; shoring up all essential operations such as information security, client confidentiality and business continuity. All the things that we know you might not find exciting but certainly consider important. In fact, we take this so seriously that Michelle is helping us achieve the British Standard in Financial Planning and Administration (BS8577); giving us an independent measure to work towards and maintain.

Michelle is a member of the Gibson Lamb board and, in addition to the work she leads on operational standards, Michelle also provides business advice and support to Dave.

The Communications TeamKeren Lerner

Working with trusted partners extends to working with Keren Lerner and the team at Top Left Design on communications; making sure our literature is clear and succinct. Keren plays an important role on our board, always bringing the client perspective to our website, newsletters and communications.

The Technical TeamRichard Allum

We work closely with The Paraplanners, a team of highly qualified financial advice and product experts. The Paraplanners provide us with services that range from complex technical enquiries to the production of documents and reports. The technical team is headed up by our technical executive Richard Allum, a Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Wealth Manager. Richard has worked with us for over 10 years.

Richard is such a trusted adviser, he also sits on our board and, as well as being the chief supplier of chocolate at meetings, he is a valued contributor to our strategic direction.

“Personal service of the highest quality, real relationships, humour – very appreciated partners though life.”

Liz Shipton under Wychwood