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The Last Virus Post

Corona Virus Posts


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With Lockdown lifting and the stock markets – perhaps irrationally – well on the way to recovery, it seems appropriate to write one last Coronavirus blog post.

We are of course privileged to have a business that can run under Lockdown and for that I am extremely grateful.  I know all the money we spent on amazing IT over recent years really helped, but fundamentally ‘giving advice’ is something that can be done remotely if necessary. There are so many businesses out there where this simply isn’t the case which must be heart-breaking for everyone concerned.

It has not been easy to find the balance of working, looking after my family and ensuring my staff, suppliers and professional contacts are okay. Listening to my good friend talk about trying to run their café in London, or another good friend who has had the virus and was really rather poorly keeps things in perspective. 

To everyone who got in touch to ask how we are and to check that my team and I are okay, I thank you. Without those messages of support and encouragement, we would have found the last few months even harder. A special mention to Sally, Roy, Michelle, Amy and Richard who have gone out of there way to check in on us.

We have done our best to provide timely information and to make the right decision at the right time, and to keep our sense of humour when there was chaos all around us. It’s not all gone as well as it could have, and we are running many weeks behind schedule with our client Annual Reviews, but I can assure anyone reading this it has not been a lack of effort.

My team have worked unbelievably hard. We’ve all missed planned holidays and are probably more exhausted than we realise, so we intend to close for a few days next week which will allow the whole team to take a step back and in my case maybe even decorate the bathroom as I’ve been promising myself I would for about 3 months now.

Take care everyone.