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Time to plant some trees

Time to plant some trees


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We’ve been offsetting our estimated carbon emissions since 2019.

  • We each have electricity meters on our workstations which let us accurately track the power used by our computers, screens and printers.
  • We base our assumptions on all of us using ‘brown’ electricity (generated from coal or gas) but two of us have ‘green’ tariffs, meaning any carbon is already offset by the utility company. This means we offset a bit more than we need to, but we don’t mind that.
  • We know how far I drive and track the journeys I make on public transport so can produce accurate figures for the emissions generated by my travel.
  • We don’t have exact figures for the emissions from the air conditioning, heating and lighting at our office as these elements are controlled by Regus. But we know they are on a 50% renewable tariff, with half their emissions offset by their energy company. Based on this we’ve then taken an educated guess at the carbon footprint of our office space.

We calculated this year’s emissions to be around 5 tonnes of CO2. As there’s a fair amount of guesswork involved, we doubled the figure to 10 tonnes, as we’ve done in the past.

We’ve now offset the carbon, planting trees in school locations, helping to educate children and support wildlife habitats whilst sequestering carbon emissions.

We’re proud to take this action each year to help address climate change and will continue to take what steps we can to make a difference as a business.