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Want to own some green energy?

Want to own some green energy?


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Fancy being part of a crowdfunded renewable energy project?

Phase one, a Welsh wind turbine, is now generating electricity.

Phase two, a small wind farm, has been fully funded and should be ‘online’ late next year.

Phase three – which could be more wind power or solar – is open now for pre-registration for priority access when funding opens.

The way the Ripple project works is that it generates clean, cheap energy and the revenue generated is shared between the co-owners (investors like you or I) and appears as a credit on their electricity bill.

It’s an interesting access point for anyone who’s not ready to cover their roof in solar panels but wants to get involved in green energy production.

Disclaimer: This is NOT an investment recommendation! This sort of investment is illiquid, which means it can’t easily be sold. It might, however, appeal to you if you’re looking to help fund the UK’s transition to a low carbon (ultimately no carbon) power network.