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We have today offset 10 tonnes of CO2

We have today offset 10 tonnes of CO2


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As a part of our commitment to combating climate change, we monitor the amount of work miles driven visiting clients during a year and offset the carbon emissions via the amazing people at

I am aware that my choice of car isn’t exactly economical but I enjoy driving and it’s important to do the things you find fun. The pandemic means I probably won’t drive very far at all this year, in 2019 I drove around 12,000 miles. The calculator suggest that created just less than 5 tonnes of carbon. 

It would be my preference for the office electricity to be ‘renewable’ via the likes of but our landlord doesn’t give us a choice.  Therefore last July we have placed energy monitors on our office electrical equipment. We haven’t been in the office since March for obvious reasons but we can estimate how much electricity we have used at home instead and offset that carbon emission too. 

It’s not an exact science not least of which because we cannot put an energy monitor on the office air conditioning, as that is run centrally. We have estimated the office has emitted a further 5 tonnes of CO2.

We have therefore today offset 10 tonnes of CO2.

As we did last year, we have done this via tree planting in the South East of England. This rather excellent map via Google Maps shows Carbon Footprint’s UK tree planting locations

Planting trees helps to sequester carbon emissions via photosynthesis as well as helping the local environment and biodiversity. 

Our process isn’t perfect, but we are trying to make Gibson Lamb kinder to our precious planet.