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We won an award!

We won an award!


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We’ve always tried to encourage clients to look after their finances whilst also doing the things they enjoy doing. Over the last couple of years this approach has become known as Financial Wellbeing and we’ve talked about this recently when sharing the results of our assessment.
I attended my first post-pandemic conference last week with real people sitting around real tables, hosted by the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing (IFW) of which we are founding members. I listened to some amazing presentations including some tear-jerking true story moments which really tugged at the heart strings.
Imagine my surprise when we got round to the inaugural IFW awards and my name was the first one to be read out! I had no idea I had even been nominated, let alone stood any chance of winning the Client Impact Champion award. What does that mean? That Gibson Lamb’s approach is making a difference to the quality of our clients’ lives. 
These are really tough times: the war, inflation, the cost of living crisis, falling stock markets and chaos at airports as families try to go on their first overseas holiday since Covid-19 appeared to name but a few. Our Financial Wellbeing approach tries to cut through all of that noise on the basis there really isn’t much any of us can do to change things, and focuses on things we can control. What is it that gets us out of bed on a dreary Monday morning?  Are all the important bits of paperwork like wills and Lasting Power of Attorney in place, and does someone know where they are?
I am extremely proud to win this award and celebrated at the break after the presentation with a lovely cup of tea and a Viennese whirl, as both these things put a smile on my face!