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Why We Invest So Much £ In Resilient It

Why we invest so much £ in resilient IT


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Several really nice things happened yesterday. Two clients got in touch out of the blue to check how WE were faring. Not the business, not their investments, but how my team & I were coping. What an absolutely lovely thing to do. We were chuffed to bits.

I struggled a bit with productivity yesterday afternoon, which perhaps is no surprise given how hard the last few weeks have been but that doesn’t stop it being immensely frustrating when you have so many things that need to be done. It’s also half term and not as easy to occupy our son either, which played a part in the difficult afternoon. Concerns for elderly relatives that are not used to being ‘stuck in their flat’ for weeks on end adds to the pressure, knowing that there really isn’t much you can do about it.

Interestingly, our level 1 (cautious) portfolio has recovered to the point where it is more or less breaking even over 12 months. I’m not trying to say a zero return is a good outcome, but given the scale of the pandemic and economic upheaval, breaking even over a year doesn’t sound too bad to me. Our level 5 (adventurous) portfolio is showing minus 10%, which again in the context of the crisis doesn’t sound too bad to me. Since 22nd February, when markets peaked, level 5 is down just over 20%, and level 1 just over 6%.

Oh, get well soon Boris. I might not agree with everything he says (to say the least), but our country needs our Prime Minister….